Be the Parent Please

Happy Children

  • In order to be happy, a child needs
    • to eat well
    • to sleep well
    • exercise
    • have friends
    • intellectual stimulation

Technology as the X Factor

  • Greatest Feature of the Technological Age: The ability to distract ourselves from boredom and discomfort
  • How technology affects our children.. Little changes in
    • their attitudes
    • sleeping habits
    • their ability to focus

Question: Do they need technology or do they just want it?

We might have thought that these bells and whistles would enhance the educational value of the toy. Our results, however, suggest otherwise.

.. when parents read e-books rather than traditional books to their three-year-olds, their children are less likely to follow the plotline of the story.

  • Just because a children really seems to follow a show does not mean the child is learning from it
    • They just want to press the colorful buttons over and over. They get the "I did it" feeling
  • Digital note taking is not as efficient as the traditional note taking.

Writing by hand is slower and more cumbersome than typing and students can not possibly write everything they hear. Instead, they listen, digest and summarise the content. Thus, taking notes by hand forces the brain to engage in mental lifting. By contracts, when typing, students simply transcribe everything without any mental effort done on the content.

  • Consuming digital content, even if it is just text, is not as effective as reading from a physical book or paper
    • The increased demand of decision-making, the surrounding noise and the options, and visual processing impairs reading performance

Tips on Being the Parent

  • Limit screen time
    • Not only for your children, also for yourselves
  • Consume content with your children
    • Have conversation on the content being watched
    • Ask him questions, his thoughts of the story
  • Have conversations with your children as much as you can
    • Talking to your children constantly starting from a very young age has a great impact on their social development
  • Allow your kids to get bored
    • They must learn to entrain themselves
    • They must learn to be bored
    • Do not forget: Creativity is triggered by boredom
  • Help them, do not do things for them
    • They may get frustrated or sometimes fail
    • Teach them to fail
  • Let them learn that not everything is financially reachable
    • Even when it is, teach them it does not mean it is immediately available
  • Do not use your mobile devices while you are with your children
    • When you are checking your work mails just out of curiosity, you are distracted from your surroundings
  • Learn to focus on a single task
    • When reading an article, whenever you realise you are only scanning, keyword spotting or non-linear reading; stop and gain your focus back
    • Teach your children to focus
  • Spend time outside with your children
    • Spend more time outside with your children